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Top 2 Kubota Series in India for popular Tractor Models

  • Kubota series provides the best tractor models, which are helpful in better farming processes. However, the Kubota tractor HP range relies on the 21 - 55 HP and From rice-farming to dry-farming, Kubota has a long and best history in making viable agricultural machinery. Here are describing the Kubota A and Kubota B series tractor models.  


    • The 21 HP KUBOTA NEOSTAR A211N is configured with a 3-cylinder unit with 1001 CC engine capacity, generating an engine rated 2100 RPM. 
    • This model of Kubota A series is fitted with a Combine Constant Mesh gear type of transmission, which is available in a Single Friction Plate in which all forward gear pairs remain engaged. 
    • The tractor transmission is equipped with 9 forward and 3 reverse gears, which help to achieve a top speed of 18.6 Kmph in forwarding gears. In addition, this tractor has a PTO HP of 15 HP, which is a 6-spline setup. 
    • This tractor is used by buyers for agricultural and commercial purposes also. To provide optimum performance, the rear tyre is available in 8 X 18 / 8.3 X 20 inches, and the steer tyre is available in 5 X 12 / 7 X12 inches.  



    • The 24 HP Kubota Neostar B2441 powerful engine is mated with a 12-speed gearbox which includes 9 forward and 3 reverse gears. 
    • This Kubota B series model is available in a 4-wheel drive setup, delivering power through all four wheels. 
    • This Kubota tractor model has a lifting capacity of 750 KG that helps lift almost every kind of implement. 
    • KUBOTA NEOSTAR B2441 tractor is available with Power steering to provide maximum turning power and deliver a small turning radius.
    • With Unmatched engine performance, the breaking capacity of the tractor is also improved as this tractor is available with oil-immersed brakes. 

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