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8 Amazing Cricut Wood Projects to Inspire You

  •  Cricut machines allow the creation of a wide range of projects with several material types. You can cut paper, cardstock, leather, vinyl, iron-on vinyl, wood, etc. Wood is one of the most exciting materials to give a natural touch to your DIY project. Moreover, crafters can use it with other materials to make stunning projects.

    Are you planning to make an outstanding project next time? Read this post and find the top eight creative Cricut wood projects to kick-start your journey. These projects are worthwhile for both beginners and pro crafters.


    1.  Wood Earrings



    Earrings make a unique gift for girls. So, if your sister’s birthday is coming, you can surprise her with a set of wood earrings. Since it is made of wood, it will last long. Use any of the Cricut machines to make the design you want. Anyone in love with the mature, be it your mother or you, it can be one of the best Cricut crafts. Additionally, you can include cherry leaf, walnut leaf, or others to make it more attractive.


    2.  Globe Art


    Do you love to keep globes in your home? Those excited about making DIY globes can try wood materials and their Cricut machines. You can use these two and make a globe hanging on the wall. This excellent wood project will enhance the look of your room. While creating the Globe Art, customize the design the way you want. Additionally, you can include color to make things pleasing.


    3.  Christmas Ornament



    Is Christmas ringing on the door? Make this special day more special by creating Christmas ornaments from wood and the Cricut machine. Invest your few minutes in designing and cutting unique letters. You can make the project more attractive by painting it from the top, bottom, and sides. But, while painting, ensure to use light paint. It will make it impressive for Christmas.


    4.  3D Floating Letters



    3D floating letters caters to a wide range of applications. It is among the most exciting Cricut wood projects you can make with your specific machine. Apart from working as a name sign, you can utilize it as a decorative project for your house. With3D floating letters projects, you can find endless options. Just make any letters and phrases you want. Also, make it more attractive by mixing a variety of colors. Try to match the colors you want to include in this project. As a result, crafters get an appreciating DIY piece.


    5.  Cat on a Moon



    Cat on a Moon is one of the impressive Cricut wood projects you can create with your Cricut machine. The purpose of this DIY depends on the size of your project. Once you finish this project, use it as a decoration on the wall. Besides, use it as an embellishment on your keychain. But don’t keep your project to the basics. You can use strips and patterns as fit for the project. It will decorate this DIY and give it an extraordinary look.


    6.  Wooden Tree Ornaments



    Do you want to decorate your home with a wooden tree? You can create wooden tree ornaments and enhance the look of your home. The ideas with this beautiful craft are limitless. No matter whether you want to have a simple holiday project or a permanent decorative piece for the entire season. Apart from this, there are so many purposes to utilize this creative piece. These Cricut wood projects will always make you go right.


    7.  DIY Wood Door Hangers



    DIY wood hangers make a perfect project for the house’s front door. Since these include short and straight cuts, you can simply cut them out. Then, make the designs according to your requirements. The playful stripes are exciting to create, and thus, you can make your spare time enjoyable. Additionally, use Cricut Design Studio while adding creativity to your project.


    8.  Wood Puzzle



    The wood puzzle is a great way to enhance one’s brain ability. So, those who have kids in their homes can get started with a wood puzzle project. Afterward, the Cricut machine allows crafters to use their puzzles. So, the options are countless. To begin with this incredible project idea, bring out your Cricut machine and wood material. After completing the project, you can gift it to anyone, as it is ideal for almost all occasions.




    Crafters with a Cricut machine can experiment with a wide range of projects. Since Cricut can cut several materials types, they can make Cricut wood projects for any occasion, be it a festival, someone’s birthday, or anything else. In short, wood projects make perfect home decor, birthday gifts, and many more. Thus, take inspiration from creative project ideas and make the most of your Cricut machine.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What are Some Awesome DIY Cricut Wood Projects for 2023?


    Do you want to try out your crafting hands-on wood projects this time? Here is a list of a few project ideas you can try in 2023.


    • The farmhouse wood sign
    • DIY wood puzzle
    • Wood tree
    • Christmas Decorations
    • Veneers
    • Modern wall art
    • Wooden cutting board
    • Wooden Ornaments and lots of other projects.

    Can a Beginner Create Wood Projects With a Cricut Machine?


    Pro crafters and beginners can make Cricut wood projects easily using an appropriate Cricut machine. If you are a beginner, start with simple projects such as home decor and include basic designs first. Once you successfully complete 2 or 3 projects, create high-level projects for your kitchen’s front door, room’s wall, etc. DIY projects are fun for kids, too.


    Is It Easy to Make Money With Wood Projects?


    Crafters can make money while using wood and their Cricut machines. But, when you are making a project on a commercial level, make sure to research the market demands. Then, remember to give a professional touch to your project. After completing the project, you can sell it online to make money. Are you wondering where to start? You can begin with Wooden Earrings, DIY Signs, Wall Decor, Christmas Decorations, etc.


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