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Fildena (Sildenafil 100 mg) – Dosage, Uses, Side Effect

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    Fildena is one of the usual versions of the brand Viagra available in small red pills, which includes Sildenafil Citrate. It is effective at treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also referred to as impotence, characterized by the lack of ability to attain or sustain an erection for the duration of a sexual pastime. Fildena is plenty, a whole lot less expensive than its branded counterpart Viagra. The little crimson pill is pretty much more low-cost than Viagra. Men can use those pink tablets to get equal efficacy as that of the blue tablet at a cost-effective fee.

    Sildenafil Citrate is the active drug found in Fildena. The FDA-authorized drug Sildenafil Citrate has been used for the remedy of ED. However, firstly, the drug turned into cautioned for the remedy of pulmonary arterial hypertension; however, it's far predominantly used for ED. The remedy allows an ED-affected guy to enjoy a stronger and more lengthy-lasting erection for completing the act of sexual intercourse.


    Fildena (Sildenafil Citrate) belongs to the elegance of drugs referred to as PDE5-inhibitors. It nullifies the secretion of the PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5) enzyme to forestall the degradation of a chemical referred to as cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). When this takes place, the body, upon arousal, releases nitric oxide, a chemical that reinforces blood glide to the penile organ for an erection. Please word that Fildena works only when the person is sexually aroused. It will not paint except if the consumer is sexually inspired or aroused.


    Fildena comes in numerous potencies; but, the correct dose for most guys with ED is 100mg. The medicinal drug has to be eaten up at least one hour earlier than intending to bask in sexual activity, but no longer extra than once a day.

    It is important to take it simplest as soon as 24 hours to prevent overdosing. Take the complete Fildena 100 purple pill with water; do no longer weigh down, chunk split the pill. Chewing or breaking the pill earlier than intake should decrease the drug’s efficacy.

    It must be taken handiest whilst it is wished (when you need to make love); it should no longer be taken daily. Avoid fatty foods earlier than taking a Fildena tablet due to the fact the fat will not allow the frame to take in the drug.

    In addition, when you are taking this Generic Viagra medicine, avoid alcohol, illicit drugs, and grapefruits, and live far from smoking.

    If you need the medication to take effect fast, make sure you take it on an empty belly. By doing so, you can enjoy the Fildena impact within a half-hour. It is critical to recognize that Fildena can best be taken as soon as 24 hours.

    Doctors normally endorse Fildena 100 mg for maximum guys, but for older men, Fildena 25 mg is sufficient to promote an erection. Generally, docs recommend Fildena dosage based totally on your clinical history and the severity of the ED.

    If Fildena 25 mg or 50 mg does no longer paintings, you may grow the dose up to 100 mg simplest after checking with your health practitioner. If you want to start Fildena 100mg on your ED issue, seek advice from your health practitioner.


    Before taking Fildena for your ED problem, ensure you take a look along with your doctor and inform him approximately any drug allergic reactions. That’s because guys allergic to sildenafil need not take Fildena by any chance.

    This medicine may also include some inactive substances that would reason hypersensitive reactions in some susceptible people. Fildena may also contain some inactive ingredients that can be allergic to you if you have a history of drug allergic reactions.

    Before taking this red Viagra tablet, please inform your doctor whether you are on any medicines. That’s because Fildena isn't cautioned to individuals who are already taking medicines that include alpha-blockers or nitrates. After all, they're inimical in action with Sildenafil Citrate.

    If taken in a combination, nitrates or alpha-blockers and Fildena can decrease your blood stress to doubtlessly risky ranges. Reports of hypotension had been documented while sufferers took Fildena alongside nitrates or alpha-blockers.

    Inform your medical doctor if you have any underlying clinical conditions, along with cardiac sickness, liver or kidney disease, blood dyscrasias, bleeding issues, peptic ulcer, or Peyronie’s sickness. Men who're cautioned to stay far from acting sexual hobby because of cardiovascular chance should not use Fildena 150.

    Before starting remedy with this ED medicine, tell your medical doctor whether or not you're taking any natural complement or merchandise. Apart from artificial pills, some natural dietary supplements and products may additionally comprise nitrates so it's miles crucial to check with your doctor before the usage of Fildena.


    Typically, maximum men who use sildenafil drug treatments no longer experience severe destructive effects. Men can also experience slight to mild side results that regularly go away after a while. Some of the commonplace facet consequences of Fildena include:

    • Dizziness
    • Headache
    • Blurry imaginative and prescient
    • Nasal discharge or congestion
    • Facial Flushing

    This isn't always the complete list of unfavorable results of Fildena. One may revel in different damaging outcomes too. If you experience signs of chest pain, shortness of breath, excessive dizziness, or an extended erection, then right away search for clinical attention. If you revel in any


    Fildena needs to not be used for leisure functions. It is not a party drug so it should not be inquisitive about alcohol or illicit capsules. Taking Fildena 100 mg or 200mg in conjunction with alcohol or marijuana should increase the risk of unfavorable occasions, together with dizziness.

    The medicine must be used by guys who've been recognized with ED. Men with libido problems or untimely ejaculation ought to try one-of-a-kind medicinal drugs. Sildenafil Citrate has no aphrodisiac houses and it does now not postpone ejaculation so it isn't used for loss of libido or premature ejaculation.

    You must hold Fildena drugs far away from kids, young people, and girls; sildenafil is not recommended to them. Pregnant women or breastfeeding moms ought to live far away from Fildena tablets because the drug ought to adversely affect the fetus or new child.

    The remedy may additionally motivate mild to moderate drowsiness, that is why you're counseled to stay far from outside sports such as using or operating a machine. Mild dizziness has been documented with this drug so its miles cautioned no longer to bask indoor sports after taking the drug.

    Grapefruits incorporate a substance that isn't always like-minded with Sildenafil Citrate, so men who use Fildena tablets must no longer devour grapefruits or grapefruit juice. Grapefruits may nullify or regulate the efficacy of Fildena pills.

    Avoid overdosing with this ED remedy due to the fact it may grow the hazard of side outcomes, especially an extended erection, that could damage the organ if left untreated. An extended erection, a circumstance known as priapism, should damage the penile organ permanently if not handled in time.

    How frequently can you're taking Fildena capsules?

    Fildena is neither a not unusual bloodless medicinal drug that you ought to take day by day for a few days nor a diabetes/hypertension drug that you should take day by day. It is to be taken on an on-call for foundation, but not greater than as soon as in 24 hours. You ought to take Fildena most effective when you intend to have sex, that too an hour before sexual pastime.

    Is Fildena as identical to Viagra?

    Fildena and Viagra are used for erectile dysfunction remedies. However, Fildena is one of the many familiar variations of Viagra, which is why the former is an awful lot, a good deal less expensive than the latter. The efficacy of both drugs is the same.

    Who is the producer of Fildena drugs?

    Indian pharma enterprise Fortune Healthcare Pharmacy producers Fildena drugs in diverse potencies. It manufactures Fildena 25 mg, Fildena 50 mg, Fildena 100 mg, Fildena 150 mg, and Fildena 200 mg (the best potency of sildenafil). Fildena 200 mg is for guys with intense erectile dysfunction.

    How to take Fildena correctly and effectively?

    First, talk over with your health practitioner whether or not you could switch from Viagra to Fildena, that's usually safe. You shop cash with the use of Fildena rather than Viagra. Once you get approval from your medical doctor, take Fildena exactly as you take Viagra. Do no longer overdose. Do no longer chunk, weigh down, or smash the tablet before consumption. More importantly, take Fildena under the supervision of your health practitioner.

    How do Fildena paintings?

    Like Viagra, Fildena quickly blocks the PDE-5 enzyme so the body can prevent the degradation of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate. When this takes place and when you are sexually inspired, the frame releases nitric oxide, a substance that boosts the blood supply to the penile organ for an erection.

    Which medicinal drugs Interact with Fildena?

    Fildena is understood to engage adversely with nitrates (used for chest ache), alpha-blockers (used for excessive blood pressure), protease inhibitors (used for HIV), certain antifungals and antibiotics, and antidepressants. It can also engage with alcohol, illicit materials, marijuana, and grapefruits.

    Here, Fildena pills are an awful lot more inexpensive than in different drugstores.

    Does Fildena therapy ED permanently?

    ED is indeed an incurable condition; but, it's far treatable. Fildena, like Viagra or Sildenafil, really palliates erectile dysfunction by using allowing you to restore your erectile dysfunction. It is like a brief ED treatment, which means you need to attain out to the drug whilst you intend to bask in sexual activity.

    Why is Fildena more inexpensive than Viagra?

    Simply put, Fildena is a customary version of the emblem Viagra. And the FDA says generics are 80 to 85% cheaper than their branded variations. When Viagra became delivered, its producer Pfizer had to invest in research, development, advertisement, merchandising, and so forth. But the Fildena Double 200mg producer no longer ought to invest in all of these, that is why Fildena is plenty cheaper than Viagra.

    Is Fildena available in different kinds?

    Yes, apart from traditional pills, Fildena is to be had in exclusive paperwork, consisting of Fildena Professional (sublingual capsules), Fildena Super Active (gentle gel drugs), Fildena XXX (fruit chew), and Fildena CT (chewable pills). In addition, it's far to be had in a mixture with dapoxetine known as Super Fildena, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction and untimely ejaculation.

    Where have I saved Fildena's drugs?

    First, maintain Fildena tablets far from youngsters, women, pregnant women, and nursing moms. Store this standard ED medicinal drug in a fab, dry location, away from moisture, daylight, and warmth. Do no longer preserve Fildena pills in a freezer.