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Manage Tags

This page lists all of the tags your users have posted. You can use this page to monitor these tags and delete offensive material if necessary. Entering criteria into the filter fields will help you find specific tags. Leaving the filter fields blank will show all of the tags on your social network.

More info: See KB article.

Add Tags

ID Tag Name Option
2187 CODE p0420 Delete
2186 p0420 Delete
2185 boxinginuae Delete
2184 boxingforkids Delete
2183 boxinguae Delete
2182 boxingforwomen Delete
2181 boxinggymabudhabi Delete
2180 boxingclubabudhabi Delete
2179 kidsboxingclass Delete
2178 teenboxing Delete
2177 kidsboxing Delete
2176 boxingtraining Delete
2175 boxingweightclasses Delete
2174 boxingclassabudhabi Delete
2173 boxingclasses Delete
2172 boxingclassesabudhabi Delete
2171 boxinginabudhabi Delete
2170 boxingabudhabi Delete
2169 boxingclub Delete
2168 boxinggym Delete