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Create Your Tutorial with Free Screen Capture Video Software

  • Which would you prefer learning a tutorial from, pictures (slides) or learning from videos? If your answer is video,so do I. Do you know that you can also create your own tutorial video without have to be geek first? (for those who don't know a geek is a slang for computer expert)

    Today the internet technology have shifted many learning process in real life. Many people are starting to learn many things because of internet through search engine. If you have a computer and internet connection than you can search on many subjects through search engine.

    For most people who are connected with the above tools would prefer to save their time looking for information or knowledge from the internet rather than go to library or buying books where they can also buy digital book online. Furthermore with internet technology you can also watch videos or motion pictures.

    Check this out guys Tips and Tricks Blogger 2011 Journey Motion Pictures. I create this with Free Video Pad Editor Professional. It combine pictures, videos and sound in a project, then it convert video project into video types (3gp, wmv, avi, mp4) after that uploaded it to youtube and it is really fast. By the way guys don't forget to give your thumb okay please..

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    And for Video Screen Capture here are three free screen video capture software that I recommend are;

    1. Debut Video Capture Software is free video capture software that is quite complete for freeware with low size. You can create video from web cam, from video network. It has many video size options start from low quality to the highest quality. You can schedule a a recording time and it has easy drag feature for to record specific screen area.

    2. BB Black Express Recorder is video screen capture with its video player, since the video file is in *,fbr format. It has the same feature with debut Video Software but not as user friendly as debut, and it can not e save directly to common video format, but it has many features.

    3. Camstudio Video Recorder is low size video screen capture. It doesn't have as many video format as debut and bb and also it is simple to operate and the best part is free.

    Now you have 3 options which one will you choose?
    if you looking for good feature and low size download than it is best to download debut.

    if you are looking for good features tha you should download BB Black
    if you want to use video capture that can load quickly use camstudio
    Download the software and enjoy using it then have fun creating your video.