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Types of Corrugated Rollers

  • Corrugated rollers are highly useful in a variety of industries which require the production of long-lasting and robust products. Corrugated plastic sheets are made by extrusion into moulds. After this process, the plastic sheets are then folded together into a corrugated shape. Corrugated rollers are used in various manufacturing procedures to manufacture corrugated plastic.

    There are two main types of corrugated rollers. These are the solid and the hollow polyethylene corrugated rollers. The solid type is commonly used in the large scale production of corrugated rolls. These types of corrugated rollers are fabricated using heavy grade polyethylene and other components.

    Hollow corrugated rollers have a smooth inner surface and a tapered outer surface. Flute rollers manufactures India use the stupefied type structure of roller flute and are generally made using heavy gauge PVC and other high stress materials. They have a tapered inner edge and a smooth outside edge. The most common materials used in the manufacture of corrugated rollers with the stupefied design are steel, aluminium, and iron.

    The inner ring of the corrugated rollers is usually a PVC elastomeric sleeve which has a stapler connected to it. Once the corrugated sheet is extruded, the PVC elastomeric sleeve is filled with molten Plasticizer. The process of extrusion then causes the PVC elastomeric sleeve to cool and harden while the stapler remains in place to hold the corrugated sheet together. After this, the sheet is trimmed to the desired diameter which is dependent on the thickness of the desired tooth top circular arc.

    There are two common types of tooth top circular arc patterns that can be used for corrugated roll foil. They are the flat plate corrugated roll flank and the flat plate corrugated roller. The flat plate corrugated uses the same pattern as the flat plate corrugated foil where the pattern is formed by the continuous roll of corrugated foil being run through the PVC sleeve and then through the PVC edge corrugating edge of the foil sheet.

    The flat plate corrugated pattern of corrugated roll foil is made by fitting a long rod, coated with a mild soapy solution. The corrugated foil is run over the long rod and through the PVC edge corrugating edge, forming the desired corrugated roll.

    The flat plate corrugated roll can also be formed with the help of the continuous roll method. This is the most simple corrugation process where the corrugated strips are cut to the required size using a fine abrasive material like aluminium oxide grit corrugating roll. A layer of the corrugated grit corrugating roll is then fitted over the abrasive layer.

    The corrugated grit corrugating rolls are used in this method for the smoothness of the edges of the corrugated strips. The thickness of the corrugated rolls and the thickness of the abrasive layer used in this method are adjusted according to the required thickness of the PVC edge corrugating edge of the corrugated surface (air).

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