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Kevin Feige Has Affirmed That 3rd Deadpool Film Will Be A Part

  • The fusion of two cinema giants, i.e., Disney and Fox, which happened in March of 2018 posed a lot of interesting questions about a few cinema properties and how they will now pan out considering that the cinematic universe can be similar.

    Everyone wondered how the Fox movies will now be iterated with a completely new family-friendly production company (Disney) overseeing them. One of such movies was about a superhero who we sometimes call Merc With a Mouth, and whose entire onscreen appearance revolved around profane jokes and violence. We were not sure how such a film would be shown under the Disney banner.

    However, Kevin Feige, in his latest interview with the very reliable Collider, has revealed that not only Deadpool 3 will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the film will also be made for the R-rated audience with no changes in its style and crass whatsoever.

    Yes, the R-rating of Deadpool will continue even though it will now be made under the Disney banner.

    The biggest news of all is the fact that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and possibly the entire X-Men can make an appearance in MCU. This also solidifies a rumor which had suggested that Ryan Reynolds’ fan-favorite character will make an appearance in the upcoming film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

    Feige was quoted as saying to the Collider that the third iteration in the Deadpool franchise will also be R-rated, and the writer’s team is currently busy with its script. He added that Deadpool would be a different character to have in MCU and enthused about having Reynolds playing it in the future films.

    The Marvel CEO also said that Reynolds, renowned for playing Wade Wilson, aka, Deadpool is a “force of nature.”

    However, he gave a caveat that Deadpool 3 will not go into productions before 2022. He cited that Reynolds’ extremely busy schedule is the reason for it. He also added that Marvel too has its plate full and has already announced some projects, which the studio now has to work on. Nevertheless, he did add that he is quite excited about it.

    Apart from some mega budgeted tentpoles, the studio also has some widely anticipated TV shows, and if you have got a chance to read about the Disney Investor Day event, which happened last month, you would know that the future of Marvel looks breathtaking, to say the least.

    Furthermore, as far as the films are concerned, Marvel Studios decided to play safe in the pandemic rigged 2020 and did not go down the route adopted by WarnerMedia, which was quite bold in its approach. So, it means that there are an awful lot of movies that are still due for a release. Considering all of that, we can assume that the release of Deadpool 3 will be impossible before 2023.

    Marvel CEO was also asked about some characters which currently have their shows running on Netflix, but they did get canceled in 2018 following a fallout between Netflix and Marvel. He answered that question with a rather pessimistic undertone and said that the focus of Marvel lies in the projects that they have already announced. However, he promised that since we cannot predict the future, the characters such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist could very well be a part of Marvel plans in the future. He added that he had been working at Marvel long enough to understand that nothing can be said for certain. 

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