It is operated by an inner standard rechargeable battery power

  •    This is for the black situation and key-board for the HP Flow 7 product, as "big river" offers several styles and shades discussing the same opinions. The situation suits the product well and generally does not get in the way of the touchscreen technology. There are appropriate cut-outs for cameras, slots, etc. So that the situation does not cover or unknown anything efficient.
        While the advantage of the  HP Flow 7 can intervene with in contact with the advantage of the display, it is easy enough to just force the advantage up a bit if needed so this is not a problem. The laptop key-board is of high quality for given the size and cost, and is held to the situation magnetically so it remains in place well but is easily eliminated. The laptop key-board is very sensitive, although probably too small to touch-type. It is operated by an inner standard rechargeable battery power (comes with its own USB small asking for cord) which seems to last a long time.
        The HP Flow 7 appears to closed itself off after a period of lack of exercise to save battery power. My key-board was faulty on appearance, in that the correspondence "K" did not work effectively - you had to throw it to get it to produce the key, compared with the pressure required for other important factors. The supplier approached me to guarantee I was happy with the purchase soon after distribution. When I mentioned the key-board issue, the supplier instantly delivered a new one without demanding a return of the faulty one. Excellent service. Overall, I would suggest this to anyone with a Flow 7 product that is looking for protection and comfort. Unequalled the cost at two Hamiltons.