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Best Business Card Scanner App And It’s Features

  • Can a business card scanner really solve your lead generation troubles? One of the most incredible benefits of utilizing the best business card scanner app is that once you download the software, you won’t misplace business cards. No more crumpled business card forms in your wallet or in the bottom of your purse, or find old business card leads dumped at the local office recycling center, or receive your prospects cards only to find that they are lost - never to be recovered.

    No matter what time of day you receive a new batch of leads, with card scanner you can immediate save them. You can see which are more useful, and sort through the pile to discard the less useful ones.

    In addition to preventing the destruction of the business cards, you also gain access to a wealth of information by scanning business cards. You will quickly discover which are more likely to be prospects' first contact - the ones that contain basic contact information such as names and addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. - and easily sort through this data to determine which prospecting call-backs will result in sales.

    With the right visiting card scanner, you can even identify specific areas of your business that produce leads, such as certain industries or locations, and tailor your telemarketing or direct mail campaigns to more likely to reach these areas.

    This is tremendously helpful for two reasons. First, it means that the majority of your telemarketing and direct mail efforts will be successful. With the vast amount of business card scanners currently available on the market, you can be certain that your sales results will reflect this.

    Second, you will avoid wasting your company's money on useless or time consuming direct mail efforts. The transcription time saved by using the best business card scanner app to digitize your business cards could be applied to increase your business's direct mailing and telemarketing costs.

    Most business card scanners today come with both OCR and text capabilities. OCR, or optically correcting copy, is what you see on printed business cards. This is the normal printing process that occurs when a person punches in the information and then looks it up on the screen. With an OCR-capable business card scanner, information is scanned so that when the card is printed, the information will appear exactly the same way on every card produced.

    Some business card scanners come with additional features such as managing contact tasks. With a business card reader app, this is enabled by the scanning device connecting to a server where the tasks can be managed. Some of these servers manage several tasks at once, while others operate more accurately and quickly. It's best to test this function out first by trying to manage one contact at

    a time. It will be interesting to see how smoothly this transition goes, especially considering how difficult it can be to type out full names.

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