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How To Choose Best Straight Pants Women For Different Body Type



    Straight pants make you look taller and slimmer. It has now become a fashionable women and men’s clothing. Here are some ways in which you can choose the best straight pants women for different body types.

    • When shopping for straight fit pants, you will find there are a lot of different styles to choose from. You can get regular pants, boot cut pants, tapered pants, flare pants, baggy pants, and many other styles. Choosing the right type of pants can take a while, so make sure you try on as many different styles as possible.
    • The first thing you will want to check is if your pants are going to ride up or not. If they ride up then you can either remove them or just replace them with some that do not. One of the most popular styles of pants that do not ride up are the striped pants. The idea is that they fit tighter at the top and then looser at the bottom. This creates an illusion of a much smaller waist, which makes your legs look longer.
    • The best option when shopping for pants that fit is to go with the regular cut. These are the ones that generally fit the majority of the population. They are very slim on the sides and fit perfectly.
    • When looking slim, try to stay away from the tapered style pants. These look great when you are fat, but they are too long for a thin person. The best option is the relaxed fit jeans because they sit right at the hips and do not flare out at the knees. They are usually made of dark denim but can also be found in lighter colors. Some of these jeans are made with pleats to make the legs look slim and elongated.
    • If you are pear shaped, then you should consider purchasing the boot cut style pants. These are great because they are very slim and fit close to the body.
    • If you have a little extra tummy, then the flared pants are perfect for you. These straight pants women are very sleek, because they are straight from the waist, through the leg opening, and up to the thigh. The legs appear to be a bit longer than they actually are. The front is usually elastic, but the fit of the pants is not as snug as the others so that they will always hang straight.
    • If you are a bit taller than your peers, then you will want to stay away from tapered pants because they will make you look shorter than you really are. Instead, try to find something that has a slightly higher rise, such as an Empire cut. These will sit right on your hips without any flare out at the knees. If you are heavier, then avoid the super baggy pants, since they will accentuate your weight.

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