If you want a affordable but outstanding cellular phone you're

  • This BLU Enhance 4.0 has a TERRIBLE show. I saw the requirements for it and it said TFT show so I said ok it is a bad show in evaluation to my Huawei W1 which had an IPS show but I did not think it would be too bad since I had a Huawei Mytouch which had a TFT show. But upon beginning it I saw the most serious show I have ever layed vision on. Even a operate cellular phone has a better show than this. I am not creating a. Viewing viewpoints are pretty much non-existent so if you try to take an picture in the representation for example all you will see is yourself in photo-negative kind. Overall It just seems really affordable and distressing.
    You might say what can you predict for $80? Well that is exactly the amount that the Huawei W1 cost me and it is groups better. If you are willing to pay a little more ($100-130) get the Htc 635 which is much better still. At these prices, with Android working program os, you are just going to find really complete cell cellular phones. If you want a affordable but outstanding cellular phone you're going to have to go with WindowsPhone.
    SUSPICIOUS REVIEWS. There is a lot of people creating reviews for this BLU Enhance 4.0 with very easy unspecific reviews like "excellente." I frequented on their client details. And they all have only one assessment on their profiles- for this cellular phone. Do not be fooled!