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Super Animal Royale to all Steam players for free

  • Super Animal Royale Super Edition Independent publisher Modus Games has just teamed up with developer Pixile Studios to bring Super Animal Royale to all Steam players for free. Before the partnership the brutal safari battle royale had been enjoyed by over 500,000 players in Steam Early Access. Going free-to-play is only going to do good things for Super Animal Royale player numbers.Super Animal Royale was technically free-to-play before this latest update. However players who didn’t purchase the game had very limited access to features. For instance you could only play solo. Now all players can earn cosmetics by slaughtering cute creatures. You can also participate in events and blast your way into the new 32 vs. 32 game mode.

    Super Animal Royale is a battle royale with a zoological twist. Play as your favourite genetically modified animal picked from 300+ breeds find your style with 600+ cosmetic items and jump off the back of a Giant Eagle and into a 64-player fight to the death.The players will get to fire shotguns and sparrows toss grenades and bananas and ride emus and hamster balls all the way to the top of the food chain.Players excited to play Super Animal Royale’s Super CRISPRmas event can download the game on Steam Early Access . For more information visit here .

    Super Animal Royale is the cutest furriest battle royale game out today. You can play as many different species of animals and unlock different breeds and colors of each individual species.A big part of battle royale's strangely enough Super Animal Royale Founder's Edition is the dancing. We all love doing signature dance moves before battle just to show the enemies whats what. Before the match starts in Super Animal Royale you start off at S.A.W Welcome Center where there is a "Party Bush" that many players frequently dance in.When the game starts though instead of a sign saying Party Bush there is a sign prohibiting dancing at that time. Well calling all my rule breakers and rebellious gamers it is time. If you dance in the party bush during a match you will receive a melee weapon that is a replica of the No Dancing sign!